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I was at a lunch meeting and missed this :(

pingpongwithpatrickcarney: Jemma

hi there

  • j: just the girl - the click five
  • e: elephant - tame impala
  • m: madder red - yeasayer
  • m: mannequin - the vaccines
  • a: afraid - the neighbourhood

guys my ask is off please don’t send me more of those names things thank you i appreciate it


And we also have Nick and Alex in the back for other interview 

tiny-carousels: Sarah :) please? x

sure sarah

  • s: salt in the wound - delta spirit
  • a: about today - the national
  • r: rubber ring - the smiths
  • a: aside II - trap tiger
  • h: heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs
croissantsrisottondlamb: ooohh, could you please do my name? it's meggie!

i refuse

  • m: make you mine - the vaccines
  • e: edward the confessor - breton
  • g: get it daddy - sleeper agent
  • g: get down - p.o.s.
  • i: insistor - tapes n tapes
  • e: end’s not near - band of horses


does anyone else convert oxygen into carbon dioxide or is that just me lol 

veethekiller: Zelda ^_^

hi hello zelda

  • z: ziggy stardust - david bowie
  • e: extreme ways - moby
  • l: later - dr. dog
  • d: diamonds - the boxer rebellion
  • a: antidote - the boat people
lookgoodinblue: Andreina (:

holy moly

  • a: apologies to insect life - british sea power
  • n: needing/getting - ok go
  • d: diane young - vampire weekend
  • r: reptilia - the strokes
  • e: el paso - taking back sunday 
  • i: in the summer - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
  • n: nightmares - josh ritter
  • a: antonia - motion city soundtrack